Good News: 3 Courses of CDNU selected as the Third Batch of Provincial-Level First-class Undergraduate Courses

On July 11, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education issued the Notice on Publishing the Results of the Third Batch of Provincial Online and Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching First-class Undergraduate Courses (Cjh [2022] No. 321). A total of 315 undergraduate courses in Sichuan province were identified as the third batch of provincial first-class undergraduate courses, including 208 online courses and 107 virtual simulation experiment teaching courses. There are 3 courses of CDNU selected, including 2 online first-class courses and 1 virtual simulation experiment teaching course.

The university attaches great importance to the curriculum construction, takes "Building Morality and Cultivating People" as the foundation, adheres to the basic idea of three "Full Coverage", comprehensively promotes the ideological and political education of the curriculum, and constantly enhances the joint force between the ideological and political course and the ideological and political education of the curriculum; Guided by "High Order, Creativity, and Challenging", we have vigorously strengthened the construction of a series of "First-class Undergraduate Courses"including online, offline, hybrid, virtual simulation and social practice courses. So far, our school has built 7 national courses, including National First-class Undergraduate Courses and National Demonstration Courses Integrating Ideological andPolitical Education, and 6 6 Provincial First-class Undergraduate Courses and Provincial Demonstration Courses Integrating Ideological and Political Education.

In the next step, the university will take the opportunity of carrying out the activity of“Bench marking and Striving for First-class”and further strengthen the construction, management and application of national and provincial first-class courses, further promote the matching ofuniversity’sprofessional settings, students' knowledge structure and social employment structure, and activelyencourage the majority of teachers and students to participate in the practice of teaching and learning reform in the new era,and deepen the "QualityRevolution" by enhancing the"Classroom Revolution" and "Learning Revolution", comprehensively improving the quality of talent cultivation and the development of undergraduate education.