The School of International Education Organized Summer Cultural and Sports Activities for International Students

In order to enrich the summer life of international studentson campus, theSchoolofInternationalEducation has organized a variety of cultural and sports activities since July 4. Every Wednesday's "FilmNight"hasbecome a good time forinternational students to enjoy Chinese films and explore Chinese culture.Teachers organized theinternational students to watch Chinese filmsof different themes and styles, such as "Postmen In The Mountains", "theOrigin of the White Snake", "Wolf Warrior", and guided them to learn Chinese and understand Chinawhile watching the movies.

In addition, basketball training every Friday and chess training every Sunday also provide good opportunities forinternational students toexercise, train their thinking and improve their overallability. In order toorganizetheschoolbasketball team, theinternational students actively participated in thebasketballtraining, enhanced their physical fitness and cultivated the spirit of teamwork. At the same time, manyinternational students have a strong interest in chess, and theyareimproving their chess skills in the competition with their peers.

Such cultural and sports activities will continue to be carried out in the summer, adding color to the summer campus life of international students.