The school of International Education Held the 2022 Graduation Ceremony of Chinese Language Program Students

On June 21, the 2022 Graduation Ceremony of Chinese Language Program was held in Room 402 of the Second Laboratory Building. 20 international students from 10 countries, including Yemen, Syria,Morocco et cetra, came to a successful conclusion of their study at CDNU. Dean of the School of International Education, Chen Yuping and teacher representatives attended the graduation ceremony.

On behalf of all teachers, teacher Cheng Li made a speech at the graduation ceremony, summarized the students' learning in the past year, and expressed her ardent hope for everyone. Dean Chen Yuping delivered a speech, congratulating the students on successfully completing study and wishing them a bright future. President Chen said that the studentshave overcome many difficulties caused by the COVID-19 and have achieved a significant improvement in their Chinese proficiency; Through rich and colorful teaching activities, they experienced the long-standing and inclusive Chinese culture; Dean Chen hoped that the international students will become ambassadors of Chinese culture and build a bridge of friendly exchanges after returning to the motherland.

Later, Dean Chen awarded Certificate of Distinction to the outstanding students. The commended international students reviewed their wonderful journey of studying in CDNU in Chinese, thanked the school for careful cultivation and expressed their love for Chinese culture.